Bani, Naagin 5 finale, February 6, Bani and Veer die, their

 Bani, Naagin 5 finale, February 6, Bani and Veer die, their

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आपको बता दे Naagin 5 सीरियल 6 फरवरी को बंद कर दिया है। Naagin 5 Cast में हिना खान, शुरभि चंदना ,मोहित सहगल और शरद मल्होत्रा लीड रोल में दिखाई दिए है।

Naagin 5 टीवी सीरियल के बंद होने से सभी Naagin 5 की Star Cast को निराशा हाथ लगी है। नागिन 5 शो पिछले सभी सीजन Nagin 1,2,3,4 सीजन के मुकाबले अच्छा परफॉर्म नहीं कर पाया है, जिसके चलते एकता कपूर ने नागिन 5 टीवी सीरियल को बंद करने का फैसला लिया है।

नागिन 5 शो में काम कर चुकी एक्ट्रेस है बेहद खूबसूरत जिनके कैरियर पर अब संकट मंडरा रहा है। नीचे जाने इसकी खास वजह।

.But Mira is not under the spell as she throws her bangle outside the black thread.

The moment Jay leaves she wakes up and manages to get her family members free. She then tells them of Veer and Bani's life in danger and that Jay is behind all this.

Elsewhere, Veer reaches the place where he can hear a child's voice. He reaches the cottage and finds Bani. Since he has lost his memory, he calls Bani a stalker but she doesn't wake up. He hears the sound of the child again and runs away. The moment he leaves Bani comes to life.

He takes her inside the cottage and shows her how he changed the direction of all the planets and now it is mrityulok for her and Veer.
He says but before she dies all her powers will come to him as he is not adi naag but Markat. She attacks him and a rod pierces him. Bani runs out of the cottage and manages to save Veer. She tries to hug him but he asks her to maintain distance. Just when they reach a cave, Veer remembers everything and hugs Bani.

He apologizes to her and they run to save their family.

Jay reaches the place and tells them that their death is certain. The shooting stars will fall on them and then Bani says he will also not be spared. Bani and Veer's families reach there are want to save them but unable to. Bani tells Veer about her being pregnant and how she wanted to give him the news. Veer is ecstatic and says he has to save her. Bani tells him they have to die but as told by farishta their child will come in this world and be safe. The final shooting star kills them but their child is delivered safely on earth. They watch over their kid and give blessings their to child and leave.